Mini Mod Deluxe - Tan, HomeDay | Dapper Mr Bear
Mini Mod Deluxe - Tan, HomeDay | Dapper Mr Bear
HomeDay Mini Mod in Deluxe Tan
Mini Mod Deluxe
Mini Mod Deluxe

Mini Mod Deluxe


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Embracing the wonder of childhood, the Mini Mod supports free movement in a cheeky stylish design that fits comfortably into your home.

Designed and made in Australia with high quality fabric, the Mini Mod features designs that make it's design both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Including piping around the edges, crosses (X) on the back rest and a handle suitable for big and little hands.

Filled with beans, the Mini Mod is light and easily moved around your home by both grown up and minis.

Please note these come unfilled and requires between 100-150 litres of bean filling (polystyrene beads), depending on your desired look. Bean bag filling cab be purchased from your local warehouse/department store.

Height: 512mm
Depth: 630mm
Length: 525mm

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